The Daughter of No One

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Attraction, longing gazes, a simple touch, it all begins to stoke the fires of a would be romance. You cannot help but love these two brave heroines who are thrust into chaos and an adventure. With Jastyn, I loved all that vulnerability and the crushing hopelessly on someone who is completely above your stature in society. It is just enough angst to keep you rooting for the impossible.

With Princess Aurelia, you love that she is nothing like Jastyn thought her to be. Aurelia is capable, smart, compassionate and is absolutely fearless in the face of danger. Sam Ledel has definitely set up an epic adventure of star-crossed lovers. This book one of a trilogy doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger but you are definitely going to be left ready for the next book.

The romance is just blossoming, they are not a couple this is one where we are going to have to work for it a bit. As a non-fantasy lover, I adored this book and am ready to read where Ledel takes us next. This book is quality writing, great pacing, and top-notch characters.

You cannot go wrong with this one! This is a great fantasy book.

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Aurelia always dream of living a life of adventures and she is set foot on having them. Jastyn blames the royal family for her family troubles but when her sister falls ill she needs their help. When they meet the attraction is undeniable but Jastyn just want to ignore it but when fate keeps throwing them together they have to fight if they want to survive.


I like that this book has strong female characters. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

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Reviewed by Aleana Harris. I thought this was a pretty good fantasy book This is the first book in a series, and while the main storyline is still open, the book ended in a good spot. This story follows the lives of two young women. Jastyn, who is an outcast due to being born out of wedlock and the Princess Aurelia. After being shunned by the Royals her whole life, can Jastyn put her feeling aside to bring the Princess home? I thought this fantasy world was very interesting with elves, witches and other mythical creatures along with magic around every corner. I thought the book overall had an interesting premise I thought it was a good mix of characters.

I liked many of the secondary ones including a witch who is really interesting. The two main characters were well done.. I do think most fantasy fans, especially YA or NA fans, will probably enjoy this. I will be reading book 2 when it comes out. Reviewed by Lex Kent. Daughter of No One. Share on. Read an Excerpt Daughter of No One. Select format eBook Paperback. Add to wishlist. You Might Also Like. City Kitty and Country Mouse.

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Psychological Thriller. A Bird of Sorrow. The Arravan Series Book 3. War is coming on several fronts. The Road to Madison. Friends to Lovers Romance. Second Chance at Love. Love's Portrait. Spinning Tales. A really good read for those who enjoy the fantasy genre. I never go out in the sun, so I look quite a bit younger than I am. However, I am also so white I could probably be classified as a light source….

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