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With the Dark Lord gone, and with him, the false promises of granting werewolves a place of high honour and privilege in the regime he intended to establish following his victory in the war, the notorious Lycanthrope continued to attack witches and wizards on his own initiative, especially children.

During this time, he had many run-ins with the Werewolf Capture Unit from the Ministry's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures , and while they would manage to capture him on several occasions, they could never hold him for very long before he escaped and was at large once again. One of the werewolf hunters from the Ministry he would frequently be confronted by was a wizard named Cecil Lee. Greyback and his pack attack Hogwarts School.

One Hallowe'en in the s , Greyback and his army attacked Hogwarts. Chiara Lobosca , a werewolf student in human form at the time , spotted Greyback and two werewolves emerging from the Forbidden Forest and tried to attack them, but was easily defeated.

Shortly afterwards, Greyback and his two werewolf companions encountered Jacob's sibling , who briefly held off one of the two werewolves with their spells. Before Grayback could better coordinate the assault on and hence overwhelm the young pupil, however, he caught the scent of Albus Dumbledore and made a hasty retreat, who arrived just too late to capture him.

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The headmaster briefly examined the injured student on the ground and instructed the other one to return to their dormitory while he attended to Chiara, explaining that he would contact the Ministry of Magic and ask them to send an expert from the Werewolf Capture Unit to help to stop Grayback. The next full moon, Greyback and his army attacked Hogwarts again. This time, they encountered Jacob's sibling and Cecil Lee , whom the Ministry had sent on Dumbledore's behest.

During the confrontation, Cecil tried to use the Homorphus Charm on Greyback's werewolf companions, but, as he was out of range, it failed. While Cecil was surrounded by the two other werewolves, Greyback transformed. He was attacked by Chiara in her werewolf form, but swiftly and brutally put her out of action by knocking her unconscious. After this, Jacob's sibling successfully held him at bay by some swift-spell-casting. Having fended off the two werewolves attacking him, however, who had retreated to Grayback's side, swiftly stepped forward and conjured ropes from the end of his wand to restrain the pack leader.

Having captured the three werewolves, but agreed not to capture Chiara due to her heroic actions.

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Not long afterwards, Greyback had already managed to escape from the Werewolf Capture Unit, though Mr Lee was confident that enough members of his pack had been rounded up to force him to keep his head low for a while. With Voldemort's return in , [6] he began to gather his old forces to renew his war on the wizarding world. Greyback returned to Voldemort's side. Greyback continued in his role as Voldemort's enforcer and terror weapon. When Voldemort charged Draco Malfoy with the murder of Albus Dumbledore , Malfoy invoked Greyback's name as a threat to ensure Mr Borgin 's cooperation with the scheme to transport Death Eaters inside the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry via the use of a paired set of Vanishing Cabinets.

Later, April of , Greyback attacked the five-year-old son of Mrs Montgomery when she refused to cooperate with the Death Eaters. The boy later died from his injuries. He mockingly asked Dumbledore if he was pleased to see him, to which Dumbledore replied that he wasn't. Dumbledore was rather disgusted to discover that Greyback was cannibalistic and attacked people in his human form. He was among those who urged Draco Malfoy to kill the Headmaster and attempted to take over the job himself, before Severus Snape stepped in.

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Fortunately for Bill, Greyback was not in his wolf form when he attacked, therefore he would not be a true werewolf, but only have some "wolfish" behaviour. Months later, after the fall of the Ministry of Magic , Greyback became a primary leader in the Snatchers organisation, and led a group of them around the countryside scouring for fugitive Muggle-borns , blood traitors , and truants who had escaped persecution. Dean and Griphook were captured, while Dirk, Ted, and Gornuk were murdered while resisting capture. Greyback holding Harry Potter hostage in March After working through and nearly falling for the lies the three teens gave, Greyback and his gang brought them to Malfoy Manor , where Lucius , Narcissa , and Draco Malfoy — as well as Bellatrix Lestrange — were residing.

Greyback hoped to receive the two hundred thousand Galleon reward for capturing Potter along with what he thought was the phoenix wand , and was also eager to bite Hermione. Fenrir snared by Bellatrix Lestrange 's conjured whip. However, Bellatrix spotted Godric Gryffindor's Sword among the captives' possessions and became frantic, as she had believed it to be in her vault in Gringotts.

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When the Snatchers protested her taking it, she single-handedly defeated all four of them, much to Greyback's irritation. The Snatchers and Death Eaters were ultimately thwarted with the help of Dobby , the Malfoys' old house-elf , and Harry and the other captives all escaped.

Dobby was unfortunately killed in the process by Bellatrix Lestrange's dagger. Greyback savaging Lavender Brown during the first stage of the Battle of Hogwarts. Fenrir Greyback was present at the Battle of Hogwarts, where he was repelled by Hermione Granger while fatally wounding Lavender Brown.

He hit the marble staircase bannister and attempted to return to his feet, but before he could, he was struck on the head by a crystal ball from Sybill Trelawney. It is unclear whether Greyback survived the Battle of Hogwarts. If he did, he was likely sent to Azkaban for his association with the Death Eaters and for his crimes during the Second Wizarding War , under Kingsley Shacklebolt 's de-corrupted Ministry of Magic. Fenrir was a large, vicious-looking man with matted grey hair and whiskers. He had pointed teeth and long yellowish nails, adding to his bestial appearance.

When he wore Death Eater robes, they were noted to look "uncomfortably tight". He did not have the Dark Mark branded onto his arm, despite his very close association with the Death Eaters. Fenrir, having forsaken his humanity long ago, was driven by his animal hedonism. He enjoyed attacking people, particularly children, and took pleasure in his brutality. At some point he became cannibalistic , greatly enhancing his notoriety. He was well aware of the lack of respect he received from the Death Eaters, and that the Ministry would have claimed all the glory had they brought Harry Potter to them instead of directly to Voldemort.

Unlike most werewolves, Greyback took both pleasure in and advantage of his abilities and savagery when transformed, and stationed himself near his targets. He enjoyed attacking them and specialised in biting children, hoping to infect them and raise them to hate humanity, though sometimes killing them when going overboard.

Despite his ideology of thinking werewolves deserve blood, and his attempt to recruit more werewolves for his cause, Greyback would ultimately seem to be just a primal savage who enjoyed killing. Greyback's savagery was what differed him from most other werewolves: while most of them bit and infected unintentionally during only their transformed state, Greyback actually went as far as eat and kill purposely whether in his human or werewolf form. Greyback is feared more than most werewolves due to his brutality, even Dumbledore was shocked that Draco Malfoy allowed Greyback to enter Hogwarts, and was slightly disgusted after learning about Greyback's cannibalism.

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