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With Tom thoroughly defeated and the machine thoroughly broken , Jerry primps a bit himself, kisses Toots, and sashays into his hole. It was less than a year old but after a couple great shorts this one here took a step back. That's not to say there wasn't anything fun here because that's certainly not the case but there's no question that this one doesn't feature as much action or laughs. The highlight of the film would be when Tom is getting ready to impress his woman by trying to fix his hair and make himself feel good.

The tricks done with Jerry really aren't that funny and there's really a lack of action going on as well. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Share this Rating Title: Puss n' Toots 7. A bag with its top tied shut comes hopping up, and it becomes immediately apparent that these are the names of three drowned kittens. Every single time I watch this cartoon, my jaw hits the floor. The bag pops open to reveal three happy, smiling but mewling kittens. They crawl out of the bag and start to head forward to the train. The agent makes a tsk-tsk noise and says, "What some people won't do.

The agent is not fooled for a second. Just a minute," he says as he consults his register. Tom steps back to take his punishment. Now, with a record like that, I can't let you through. I'm sorry, Tom. He pushes a button, and the screen turns on to show flames at first. They make way to show the devil, portrayed by the usual MGM bulldog, with red fur and wearing green horns and green slippers.

In his right hand is a green pitchfork, as he tends a large cauldron atop a wood fire inside a hellish series of caves. He laughs like a maniac and screams, "Ah, let me have him! Send him down. Give him to me now! The agent turns off the screen, and as Tom is shown gripping the desk, he is told, "Remember, you have only an hour. His spirit is next shown back in the room of Tom's supposed demise, and drops back into his body with a slam, waking Tom up at once.

Foot Spot Popped

As he comes to with the Certificate of Forgiveness in his left hand, his uses his other arm to wipe his brow in relief. Then he remembers why he has the certificate, sees a glowing clock reminding him of the hour he has left, and runs straight to Jerry's mousehole.

The (original) Inspiration: LOLCAT Macros

He offers the mouse a large cake with candles and frosting that reads "To My Pal" on it, but Jerry thinks something devious is up instead. When Tom signs to Jerry the cake is on the up and up, Jerry speed-eats the entire thing like a buzzsaw and leaps back into his hole, leaving the six candles in his wake to clatter to the floor. Angry, Tom reaches into the hole and grabs the mouse, and forcefully puts down the certificate and the mouse, handing him a pen in the process, and points at the paper to make Jerry sign it.

Jerry's response is to shoot all of the ink in the pen at Tom's face as you would expect him to do. Tom, seeing the clock, figures that he will have to forge his way to heaven. He runs behind the chair to start signing Jerry's name to the paper, but the disembodied voice of the reservation agent says shamefully, "Thomas! Uh, uh, uh, uh This time, Jerry actually reads the certificate, but when Tom signs to him that if Jerry signs it, Tom will give him the cheese, Jerry angrily tears up the paper.

Tom has had it with that reaction, and he grabs Jerry and prepare to smash his brains in with a fireplace shovel. In some cases when the abscess is open, the pus will be too thick for the rat to clean out so you need to clean the abscess by gently wiping out all the pus with a cotton swab. This usually does not cause the rat pain. If it does, try applying some Bactine.

Then you can spray on some Bactine.

An abscess must heal from the inside out. If the skin heals over the opening too quickly, the infection will recur. On rare occasions, an abscess will come back. Should this happen, treat the rat with oral amoxicillin. Otherwise you may need to have your veterinarian do a culture and sensitivity test to determine the best antibiotic to use for the infection.

Tooth Abscesses. The first sign of a tooth abscess is often black staining on the tooth, caused by the infection in the root. There is usually no swelling visible on the face because the infection is inside the jawbone. A foolproof sign of a tooth abscess is that the entire tooth will come out easily when pulled. While the tooth must be removed, it can still be difficult to cure the infection remaining in the tooth socket and jaw. A powerful antibiotic good for anaerobic bacteria, such as metronidizole or clindamycin , is necessary. You might need to have your veterinarian do a culture and sensitivity test to find out what antibiotics are best.

A cyst is a sac filled with a liquid or semi-solid substance. The most common type of cyst found in rats is the sebaceous cyst. These cysts develop from sebaceous oil glands in the skin. They are most often found in male rats whose sebaceous oil glands are more active, and usually located on the back or side.

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These cysts look much like a small abscess, although they fill with waxy or oily sebaceous secretions, not pus. Most sebaceous cysts eventually develop a small hole in the top that can appear dark because of dirt on the secretions inside the cyst. A cyst will recur until its internal sac is destroyed. Keep squeezing the cyst and it will eventually go away. Here are 3 photos of tiny new sebaceous cysts. Of course, they are much easier to see on hairless rats.

Here is an older sebaceous cyst that is open, showing the accumulation of dirt on the top that makes it look like a scab. Photo of Marty by Sarah Hunt.